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The Right Hook

Do you want a live band that is energetic, exciting, professional and that sounds amazing? Of course you do, and you should settle for nothing else.

Our main live band, The Right Hook, are a busy four piece rock and pop act that have wowed audiences across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

The Right Hook is made up from some of the finest professional musicians based around London who are regularly found on West End stages, on TV, being flown around the world as featured entertainers and working in top recording studios.

They perform at every event as if it’s their last, giving 100% every time and making sure that every guest in the room is having a great time. Their repertoire delves into the classic dance floor fillers from the 1950s up to today’s freshest hits meaning they can tailor each set to fit each individual event, even adapting things on the fly to suit the mood of the audience.

“Many thanks for the fantastic performance on Friday. Everybody had loads of fun and really enjoyed it! And today many people came by my desk just to tell me how much fun they had and how great the band was. And you really are indeed!! Thanks again, and I hope there will be other occasions to meet and enjoy your music. :)”

Paola Roberta Gioffredi – Amnesty International

How big is the band?

The most popular Right Hook line-up is a four piece classic rock/pop act but this can be added to or even reduced to fit every venue, event and budget. The four piece option is so popular because it provides the full live band experience at a very affordable cost. But for those larger events when maximum impact is required we can add a second female or male vocalist, keyboards, or even a horn section. Just speak to our booking team about these options when you enquire.

What do we get?

The standard performance package from the Right Hook consists of two hours of live music. This can be split as 2 X 1 hour sets, or 3 X 40 minute sets. Longer performance times are also available upon request. In between live sets the Right Hook can provide a DJ package to make sure the party continues all night long. As well as the huge music library with tried and tested tunes, requests can also be made as well as necessary announcements.

Click here to view a set list

What will the band look like?

The Right Hook have performed at just about every occasion whether it’s sweaty rock clubs or exquisite corporate events and weddings. We will discuss the type of event with you before hand and establish the correct look to fit the event whether it’s trendy and casual or suave and formal.

A great extra touch is to have the band dress according to your colour scheme. This is popular at weddings when the band can wear a bespoke coloured outfit to match the groomsmen’s colour scheme creating a very consistent appearance throughout the event and adding a sense of class and detail that people really remember.


We have a number of events that can work alongside the Right Hook main live band packages. This includes the afternoon drinks reception acoustic jazz set which works very well at weddings and corporate events. We also have the Rock & Roll Game Show which is a hilarious and unique after dinner event that leads well into the evening entertainment.

These are very cost effective as the equipment and the musicians are already at the venue. Details for all of these events are found in the links on this page.

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Rock & Roll Gameshow

The Rock and Roll game Show is a unique and raucous after dinner event. It’s a music quiz like no other using a live band to create an exciting event that will last long in the memory. Think ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ but with real musicians on stage and you will have some idea of what to expect. With rounds such as ‘guess the next lyric’, ‘create the guitar solo on a kazoo’, and ‘what’s this dance move?’ it is a real crowd pleaser and really gets people going.

The quiz is a million miles away from people sitting around tables looking bored and writing down answers. This is highly interactive, very silly, and totally unique so your guests will find delight in a fresh alternative to the normal evening events they are used to.

It works very well after dinner and bridges the gap between the evening meal and the party entertainment afterwards. The rock and roll game show can be booked as a stand alone event or alongside our live music packages. If booked as an add-on with the live band event it becomes very cost effective as it uses the band and their equipment, which are already set up for the evening.

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I’ve never seen so many of them up on the dance floor! They also really enjoyed the quiz and you guys judged the atmosphere really well and went with the flow.  I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know – you were really professional and I felt like everything was in safe hands and I could relax and actually enjoy the party too!

Rachel Foskett – Kantar Media


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Product Launch

Our live band and compere are a very popular addition to any product launch or awards ceremony. In the style of the Grammys or any big ceremony our top class live band can play walk on music whilst our singer and compère makes the announcements and keeps the night moving. This adds a really special and classy quality to such an event and is a cut above playing backing music from pre-recorded music libraries. This event is used by people that want to create the biggest impact for their events to make sure people remember it for all the right reasons.

“You guys were great and the clients were all buzzing about the performance.”

Sarah Bryant – Frensham Heights Events

The walk on and announcement music can be tailored and written to fit your event and theme so it creates a bespoke and very special element to the whole evening. Our trained presenter can lead the event or you can bring in an external compère whilst we provide the music. We would work closely with you prior to the event to make sure it fits perfectly. The band are also set up and ready to launch straight into their party set afterwards to keep the spirits high and ensure the party continues.

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Acoustic Live Duo

Our acoustic live duo is a very popular alternative to the full band. This act provides top quality live music entertainment for every type of event whether it’s a corporate event, a party, a wedding or any other special occasion that needs great entertainment.

This option is very effective when a client wants live music, the interaction between performer and audience, and the excitement of having real performers rather than a DJ but they don’t have the space or the budget for a full band.

Our live duo act can set up incredibly quickly in a very small space and provide the perfect musical accompaniment to your event.

Whether you want ambience with low level backing music or you want full-on dance floor filling tunes, our guitar and vocal duo can tailor their set to fit your needs.

The duo uses the state of the art BOSE L1 sound system. The BOSE kit allows the sound to be distributed evenly throughout any size venue, creating a clean and clear sound.

The live duo play a range of music whether it’s laid back cool acoustic classics, rat pack style big band arranged for acoustic guitar and vocals, or modern dance tunes that have been given the acoustic make over akin to a Radio 1 Live Lounge session.

And if you want to step things up a gear they can perform with a percussionist as well who will add Peruvian Cajon, Cuban Congas, and African Djembe to give the show even more rhythm and groove.

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Afternoon Jazz Band

A very popular additional option with our live band is to have the musicians perform an afternoon jazz band set. This is especially popular on events where the Right Hook party band is already booked for the evening entertainment. In this scenario the band and their equipment is already on site so it’s very cost effective to use them as your afternoon entertainment as well.

This could be the drinks reception at a wedding, or a drinks reception at a corporate event. In fact, any occasion where a little  smooth, low level jazz music is desired to create a classy backdrop to the event.

Because this act is largely acoustic it is very quiet to work as background music and the whole groups footprint is very small so they can fit into small spaces. The band will dress up to look the part as they perform music for any length of time from thirty minutes to two hours. This can be used to create a very laid back vibe or even to add a little more rhythm, without huge volume, to warm people up for the evening party.

The jazz repertoire ranges from classic jazz tunes, to Rat Pack classics, through acoustic and jazzy rearrangements of popular music. Any of these options can be selected as well as a mix of all of them. Either way, our vocalist has the smooth tones to really create a special backdrop to your event and avoid the dead silence that can occur without music. And it certainly creates something a little more special than having an IPhone playing in the corner.







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