How to plan the best wedding

Top 10 wedding planning tips for the best wedding

Do you want the best wedding of the year? Here are some essential tips to guide you.

1. Location

Do you know if you are envisioning a traditional church, a beach front or barn for your wedding ? Is your dream a huge affair or an intimate guest list of close family and friends? Sit down with your partner and discuss this before moving on to the next part of planning your day.

2. Budget

Now we would all like to skip this one and pretend money is no object but even if you are lucky enough not to worry about the financial side of your big day it’s good to be aware of the costs and do a break down of roughly how much you wish to spend on each aspect.

3. The venue

The venue you pick will determine the amount of guests you can invite, the location of your wedding and, of course the theme and styling too. You need to allocate a good proportion of your wedding planning time and budget to finding your dream venue because there are so many different options to consider.

4. Entertainmentwedding band, party band, best wedding

Some people leave this till last which really isn’t a good idea as the best bands and DJ’s get booked up as much as 18 months in advance. The entertainment often makes or breaks the wedding party so get your favourite band or DJ booked early. We would say research the bands, listen to demos, watch videos and choose a band whose singer really engages with the guests; someone who knows how to bring the party alive! Remember that most good bands also have their own lighting equipment and DJ so this makes it easier for you when booking.

5. The dress

Most woman have been dreaming about their wedding dress since a young age and you might already have an idea of what you want but be opened minded and try different styles. Don’t rush the process, enjoy it! It’s not everyday you get to be a princess.

6. The Guest List

This can also be a tricky one and some couples find it hard to always agree on who should come to the whole day and just the evening. And that’s before other relatives start trying to get their preferences seen to. Just remember it’s your big day and it’s who YOU want to be there.

7. The photographer

This is an important one as these are your memories to treasure in years to come. Everyone wants different things from their chosen photographer but for most it would be someone who can take emotional but beautiful shots that show the love between you. Weddings can be stressful, especially for the bride who wants everything to go to plan, so its even more important to get someone who will help relax and calm the bride and portray the importance and loving aspect of the day.

8. The first dance

Research your favourite songs and identify ones that are meaningful for you both as a couple. Some people like to learn a dance routine or have a compilation of songs, this is entirely up to you.

9. The cake

Begin researching your wedding cake designs between 3-6 months before your wedding. Remember that cake bakers get booked up early too. Price will be based on the size of the cake, the amount of labour needed to create it and the cost of its ingredients. More experienced or reputable pros are usually pricier and it’s good to get tastings and ask for recommendations from friends.

10. Relax!

Try not to worry!! Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life and you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t feel stressed or anxious about the big day. But remember it’s is going to be amazing, so try to enjoy everything because you’ll regret if you don’t.

We hope these wedding planning tips have been useful and you feel closer to creating the best wedding you can envisage.

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