Money saving wedding tips

Here are our top money saving wedding tips

The wedding tips that will save you hundreds

With an average wedding costing around £25,000 we thought it would be useful to have some money saving wedding tips to help you enjoy an amazing wedding for less money – remember there are always ways to cut back! Before you begin planning make a list of all the things you need to do and prioritise them. This can really help with budgeting as well. Is that cold embossed paper more important than a plainer paper but inviting an extra person to the reception? wedding tips


This is one of the biggest costs for your wedding and you could say one of the most important (apart from the dress). For that reason you are more likely to splurge more money here. However you can still have that perfect venue for less by picking an unpopular day. Most people go for a weekend but if you pick a week day you will find some places will reduce the cost as much as half! The benefit of this is that you will also get good discounts for other things such as florists or photographers as they are less likely to have work then. Yes there is the worry that less people can make it but you know the people that really matter will make an effort and take a day off work to be there.

Guest List

Try not to over invite. It’s easily done but remember the bigger the guest list the bigger the cost. Seventy might sound a lot but that’s only fifteen members of each persons family, then ten friends each with their partners. You can see how the number can add up very quickly. So try and stick to family and few best friends for the main reception and invite the rest to the evening.

Wedding dresses

One of the biggest wedding tips where you can save hundreds is the wedding dress! So many woman may say “I want a brand new dress” but remember most wedding dresses are worn for a matter of hours and you could be saving a small fortune. With the average wedding dress selling for over a thousand pounds why wouldn’t you want to save some money and still have that dress you’ve always dreamed of for a fraction of the cost? These days you can pick up designer dresses and find the exact dress you may have seen in a bridal magazine. We would suggest looking on some sites online such as SellMyWeddingDress, Preloved and Confetti‘s for sale section. Other good bets are The Dressmarket, Gumtree and of course Ebay.  Another great place to search is Oxfam, they have eleven specialist bridal departments. Its says on their website that some designers often donate their dresses to the charity straight from the catwalk so you might even bag yourself a designer bargain.

Make upwedding tips

Whilst a lot of brides do their own make up, some opt to pay for beauty expert to come to their house. That’s great but it does cost a lot and if you aren’t sure its worth that to you then there are other ways you can look gorgeous without spending so much. Why not try a beauty counter in a department store such as House of Fraser or Debenhams? Or ask a friend who you trust and whose make up you have admired. You buy the make you like but perhaps get them to help you on the day.

Alternatively, check out beauty training schools. They may do your hair and make-up free on the day as part of their training course. Check Beautyfinder for a directory of training schools and colleges that are local to you.


Designing and making your own wedding invitations can be fun but also it makes them more personal to you. There are loads of great sites out there now which can help you do this such as Wedding chicks. You would still have to pay for the paper and ink but if you are really on a tight budget you could email them to your guests instead. Also instead of making save the date cards and posting them out, why not let people know by text or email. Alternatively create an event on Facebook (choose ‘private’ in the event’s privacy section, so only guests can see).

We hope these wedding planning tips have been useful.

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