Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips

A list of our top ten wedding planning tips

Here are our top ten wedding planning tips to help you plan your big day!

1) Timeline for your wedding planning

How much time do you have? Your exact date will probably be narrowed down by your choice of location but having a general time frame sets the scene for the rest to follow and will help you plan everything in a organised manner. Sit down with your partner and plan this first. Planning a wedding takes time and you need to make sure you give yourself enough time to do it!

2) Budget

Setting a budget is one of the first things you need to do to ensure that you know how much you have to spend. Then make a priority list of which elements are the most important to you. Perhaps ask parents to see if they are willing  to contribute too as that can really ease the strain.

3) Location

Awedding venue, surrey wedding venue, reigate wedding venue, wedding planning tipsre you envisioning a  traditional church, a beachfront or barn setting? Is your dream a huge elaborate affair or an intimate guest list of close family and friends? Once you’ve decided on the type of wedding and the location things will start to fall into place.  Make sure you think about space and the number of guests you are having to be sure there is enough space to accommodate the band or DJ.

4) The Dress

The dress is always one thing brides want to get ordered straight away but sometimes its better to decide on your venue first as you may find the dress doesn’t fit the theme. Also make sure you don’t rush the process, enjoy it! You don’t get married everyday so try on lots of different dresses in different styles and materials.

5) The Entertainment

There’s so much to consider when thinking about your wedding entertainment! If you are thinking of hiring a DJ or band for your wedding make sure you start researching this early as a top quality band will get booked up more than a year in advance. A lot bands also have their own DJ equipment too which means you could have a good band and a DJ without having to hire them both separately. Make sure you ask for a set list and if you want any specific songs check that this is possible before booking.

6) Wedding Timings

Weddings very rarely run to time. So when you are working out your schedule for the day, be realistic and ask your venue for their advice, they will help you to ensure things run smoothly. During your drinks reception is a great time to have some entertainment too. This part of the day always lasts longer than you think with photographs of every combination of family member so entertainment will take your guests’ minds off  the wait for food. A jazz band would be great to have playing whilst your guests enjoy their drinks or canapes. Try and be realistic with your timings though, over estimate to be sure you have enough time and write out a list for the venue so they know how the day will run.

7) The Cake

In recent years wedding cakes have become more and more elaborate. Begin your search for a cake designer about 3 – 6 months before your wedding. Ask recently married friends and family for recommendations and research the types of cakes you like so you can print off pictures to show the designer.

8) Colours
What colours do you love?  The season you decide to marry will help determine this. For example people married in the spring or summer may decide on pastel greens and whites. Whilst a winter wedding may lend to golds and reds and more vibrant colours. Once you have decided on this you can also start to plan your flower arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.

9) Vows
What do you want to say to each other? After all said and done this is really the main part of getting married and adding a personal aspect to this will enhance any wedding ceremony.

10) Picture perfect
The photographer is the person that will capture your most special day on camera for you to relive in many years to come so know what you are looking for and pay a deposit as soon as possible to book the photographer of your choice. Cake is consumed and flowers fade but photographs last forever.

10) Don’t panic
Remember it is your wedding day and planning it is a means to an end. Choosing and being chosen to have a life long partnership is the priority never to be lost sight of when things may get a little busy.

We hope these wedding planning tips have been useful.

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