Wedding at Rivervale Barn

Rivervale Barn – A Beautiful Venue

Our live band the Right Hook had a brilliant night playing at the luxurious Rivervale Barn in Yateley. This outstanding venue is surrounded by countryside and beautiful tendered gardens.

With it’s high ceilings, wooden beams and white washed walls there are copious amounts of light filtering through large glass windows which over look a beautiful courtyard. This venue is simple and sophisticated with 5 star finishing touches throughout.

The bride will be impressed to know that there is a ‘Pamper room’ which is the perfect place for the bride to get ready for her big day. This room has be expertly designed so that it has all the necessary requirements to make your last morning as a miss memorable and easy! rivervale barn


So whether you are looking for a summer or winter venue Rivervale Barn has an enchanting and romantic atmosphere which is perfect for anyone’s big day or a special occasion.

The Right Hook are the perfect wedding band to make your Rivervale Barn wedding spectacular! With a huge repertoire of music from the last 60 years, the band can delve into pop, rock, dance, Motown, jazz and easy listening tunes from any era to provide the perfect musical accompaniment whether it’s a laid back afternoon jazz set at a drinks reception, or a rocking party into the early hours with late night revellers.

If you are looking to book a wedding at Rivervale Barn or any other venue in the Surrey area then get in contact to book a top class wedding band along with your top class wedding venue and make it a wedding no one will forget!

The Right Hook have performed to thousands of guests at events large and small. But no matter what the event they always work closely with the client to make it a unique and special occasion. This involves learning bespoke first dances, altering their attire to match the event theme and more.

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Top tips for the best wedding entertainment

Here are our ideas for the best wedding entertainment

Do you want the best wedding entertainment of 2018? Are you looking for some inspiration? Look no further and read our top tips and ideas for alternative wedding entertainment ideas.

Choosing the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day can be a big task. Catering for everyone’s diverse tastes in music and ensuring that everyone is happy can be daunting. A lot of people worry that if they have classical music or a jazz band it won’t be as current and up to date as a DJ who will be blasting out all the latest hits. However why stick to the same old boring clichés when there are so many alternative entertainment options available that will make your wedding the most talked about event of the year!wedding entertainment, wedding bands, best wedding band

Covers Band with a twist

One of the best things about having a live band is that the personalities and vibrancy of each band member comes out in their performance. A good band will encourage the guests to join in and get on the dance floor. Their  infectious vibrant energy will be felt by everyone in the room.

However whilst the traditional covers band is still great for wedding entertainment, if you want to add a little exotic twist to your day why not look into a samba or salsa band? The vibrant carnival music will surely get the most reserved guests shaking their hips!

Be your own DJ

A lot of people decide to have a DJ as it’s cheaper than a band and then they have the reassurance that there will be music for all ages. But if you are still hoping to have a band but would like a DJ as well. You can ask your band if they also have a DJ option. A lot of professional wedding bands will have that service so that they play music in the breaks and after the band have finished playing. We at the Right Hook provide this service as standard. But failing that why not mix your own wedding songs? If you have an iPod or iPad you can decide which songs you would to be played and ask a close friend or family member to be in charge of this and click play once the band have finished. Technology has come a long way in recent years and enables us to become our own DJ if we want to.

If you love Jazz

If you are a jazz lover and have always dreamed of having a jazz band at your wedding but you feel that it’s just not the right music for the whole day. Then why not have a jazz band for the early part of the reception for a short session when guests arrive after the ceremony. Perhaps playing on the lawn. Just imagine the sound of the saxophone drifting on the summer breeze whilst you sip on your champagne with your guests. Again you may find your wedding band of choice can cater for this extra perk for a smaller fee than hiring a full jazz band. A lot of musicians have connections or even play multiple instruments, its always best to ask. Once again, the Right Hook provide this option for a small fee because they are already on site for the evening performance.

How to keep the guests happy

In recent years we have seen more and more humorous and quirky wedding entertainment ideas that create happy and fun memories for everyowedding entertainment, wedding bands, best wedding bandne. Here are few ideas you could incorporate into your big day.

Casino Themed Night 

Why not add some class and glamour to the reception and hire blackjack and roulette tables allowing guests to try their luck. Having some casino fun is an ideal way for guests to come together and break the ice at the tables. By the end of the evening everyone should be more familiar and ready to hit the dance floor.

Funny Photo Booth

The idea of a photo booth allows your guests to come together and make new friends and take some silly photos of one another. There are usually props and funny dressing up clothes, plus a professional photographer who will be snapping away ensuing you are all having a great time. Afterwards you will all have some hilarious memories to smile fondly at.

Singing Waiters

A waiter’s main job is to ensure that all the guests have full glasses and their food on time but why not add a few special waiters to bring some theatrical fun to your day. Look for catering by a company who offer singing waiters, they will provide guests with an unexpected but memorable moment when they burst into song.

Garden Gameswedding entertainment, wedding bands, best wedding band

This is a simple and great way to keep your guests entertained. But it is best planned for a summer wedding where you can be sure of some nice weather. Some venues already offer this option in their package. Such as giant Jenga ,Chess or Connect Four. But we find old classic garden gardens such as croquet or cricket are also a fab way to pass the time too. You can bring your own games to the venue if they at not already provided.


Try not to worry!! Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life and you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t feel stressed or anxious about the big day. But remember it’s is going to be amazing, so try to enjoy everything because you’ll regret if you don’t.

We hope these wedding planning tips have been useful and you feel closer to creating the best wedding you can envisage.

If you haven’t booked a wedding band yet and you need one then check out the Right Hook. We have performed at hundreds of weddings and know exactly how to make sure everybody, from the oldest to the youngest, has a great time. We also love to work with you to make the event as personal and special as possible so contact us for more information on how we can do that.

The Right Hook can provide:

  • Ceremony Music to play you into, and out of the ceremony
  • Drinks reception laid back ambient vibes
  • Evening party entertainment with the live band and DJ sets between.


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We have used all our experience and that of some choice expert wedding suppliers to bring you a FREE wedding planner with articles and tips on every aspect of your wedding, plus some exclusive discounts. Click here to get it.

Amazing first dance – How to choose yours

Tips to help you plan that uniquely amazing first dance

Everyone wants to have an amazing first dance right? Are you worried you will just spend your first dance swaying from side to side in an awkward romantic embrace? Then why not create a totally amazing and unique dance routine to surprise your wedding guests that will be remembered for years to come. A lot of people don’t do this as they think it’s too hard or that they don’t have time. But if you want to do this you can. Just a few hours a week practice and you will be John Travolta before you know it.

First dance lessons are fast becoming a must have with couples who are a little more adventurous but even if you aren’t as confident as you would like to be, there are still many options for you to do a dance that is simple and has your own stamp on it. Remember you don’t have to be flamboyant and jump around your stage to create something that is unique.Amazing First Dance, wedding, wedding ideas, first dance, wedding planning

With the popularity of Youtube and Instagram videos it does seem a lot of couples are trying to compete to gain that first dance crown but although you don’t want to necessarily copy someone you can look online to gain some inspiration for the kind of dance you and your partner would like to learn. It can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be and it’s a great bonding experience that you will have memories of after the event.

We have put together a few ideas to help you get started:

Take inspiration from the classics

Copy a famous dance routine from a film such as Dirty Dancing’s “Time of my life”. You know that famous high jump is a winner and will get your guests cheering in delight and will leave you feeling like a film star.

Fun Mix up

Learn a medley of short dances from a few famous songs and put them all together for a dance off between you and your partner. Throw in some Jacko with some Britney, a bit of Elvis or James Brown, and perhaps a dose of Grease to get everyone singing along.  This is a fun and engaging dance for couples who are looking for a less serious first dance routine.

Get Elegant with Strictly

With the recent popularity of programmes like Strictly Come Dancing you may fancy something a little more elegant so why not try learning some ball room or salsa dancing; this will surely impress your guests. While some couples may be happy to muddle through a routine themselves or enlist a friend with dance experience for advice, if you’re determined to get the technique and footwork spot on, you can’t beat a series of lessons from a professional.

Surprise him with your talents

If you are musical yourself then perhaps instead of dancing you want to sing your first dance as a surprise to your partner, this is romantic gesture that will pull at everyone’s heart strings. You could even go one step further and write the song yourself. Not only will this be an incredibly beautiful gesture on your wedding day, but it is a song that the two of you will have for the rest of your lives. Perhaps once you have finished the song the band can then take over and sing it again whilst you embrace your partner for a twirl around the dance floor to your amazing first dance.

The bottom line is, everybody has a first dance and it’s about choosing a style and song you both like to create something you both enjoy. These are the memories you take away with you from your special day.

The Right Hook band are always very happy to make each event as personal and bespoke as possible and learning your chosen first dance song to perform on the big day is just one of the ways they do that. Get in touch now to see if they can perform the song you need or ask them for some ideas of popular first dance songs that have gone down well and to ensure you have an amazing first dance.

Here is an article that might help you choose that first dance.

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We have used all our experience and that of some choice expert wedding suppliers to bring you a FREE wedding planner with articles and tips on every aspect of your wedding, plus some exclusive discounts. Click here to get it.