New Years Eve Party Games

The BEST New Years Eve Party Games

Are you looking for some New Years Eve Party games? Well look no further! We love New Year’s Eve and have played at many New Year’s Eve parties. But it isn’t the same without some fun New Years Eve Party games to bring every one together, and we’ve gathered the best games all in one place for you right here!

The best thing about these games is that they are free and easy, you don’t need to rush around buying supplies and they only require items you already have. What’s not to like?!

Here are our Top 5 New Years Eve party games, to get you laughing into the New Year!

The name Game:

The Name Game is a super easy New Year’s Eve party game that’s great for a large group of adults looking for a fun but laid back game to play.

For this game, each guest will need to contribute some names to a large bowl. These can be names of celebrities, fictional characters, historical characters, and even people in the room.

Party guests divide into teams and take turns trying to guess the names on the slip of paper by giving each other clues. Keep track of points if you wish, or simply enjoy the fun of the game.

Two Resolutions and a Lie :

Two Resolutions and a Lie is the ultimate ice breaker and the perfect beginning to your New Year’s Eve party.

This game is a twist on the classic Two Truths and a Lie party game where guests have to try to figure out what the other guests are lying and telling the truth about. With this game they’ll have to figure out which two resolutions you really want this year, and which one is completely made up.

New Years Resolution Guessing Game:

Here’s a New Year’s Eve game for adults that will give everyone an opportunity to share their New Year’s resolutions. The trick is that you’ll need to playing a guessing game to find out who’s is who.

Use some slips of paper to ask the guests to list their New Year’s resolution, what they’ll do less of, and what they want to do more of.

Collect the resolutions in a big jar or basket and then have the guests try to guess which resolution belongs to which guest.

Cotton Ball Race:

This hilarious relay race uses cotton balls and two bowls. Divide your group into teams of from six to ten people. Mark a starting line on the rug with masking tape and place a bowl of cotton balls and a jar of Vaseline on a table.

Across the room, have another table with an empty bowl for each team. Each team lines up and on “Go!” the first team members dab Vaseline on their noses, dip their noses into the bowl of cotton balls, race to their team’s bowl, and deposit the cotton ball. Team members take turns, and the first team whose members all complete the race wins.

Banana Bump:

You will need a banana and an orange for each guest. Place a hula hoop in the center of the room and have the players form a circle around it at equal distances. The goal is to push the oranges into the hula hoop with the bananas. The task becomes more difficult and fun because the bananas are tied to the players waist, about a foot from the ground. Players cannot use their hands. The first to succeed at getting their orange into the hula hoop circle is the winner.

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