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wedding planner, plan weddingWelcome to the free wedding planner timeline from the Right Hook band. But what is a band doing trying to tell me how to plan a wedding?

Well we have a unique insight because we have performed at hundreds of weddings. We liaise closely with the venues and the wedding planners. We sit down eat and chat with the photographers. We work with the caterers. And of course we work very closely with the couple getting married. And because we can provide music for the ceremony, drinks reception and evening party, we get to see many aspects of the day.

Therefore we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of the wedding day. We know what works, what doesn’t work, what the bride loved, what the bride regretted, what the guests loved and how to get the best from each service provider by making their lives easiest.

Heck we should really start a wedding planning company ourselves. But we won’t because we love providing the entertainment and that’s what we’re best at.

But we thought we should at least share all this info with you guys because we know what it takes to arrange a perfect wedding.

So here it is

Below we’re giving you access to our wedding planner timeline. This shows you what you need to plan and in what order. But then we’ll also trickle info to you when relevant to plan each aspect from the timeline in detail.

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